Mundus Bulgaria Tournament

The Mundus Bulgaria tournament was successfully implemented during December 2023.

The tournament will take place at Sofia STEM Centre and the venue manager is ensuring availability indoors/outdoors (depending on weather) as well as coffee breaks.

A training team of 3 youth workers and 1 assistant will engage in preparing the ETS program which will include ice-breakers, ETS workshops, and team-building and communication games.

The Tournament will take place over the span of 1 day and it will kick-off with an ice-breaker so that the participants can get to know each other and start to learn their names. The rest of the tournament will include games for team-based competition.

A mix of games that combine physical activity and soft-skills development:

  • Get to know you Bingo
  • Colour Quest
  • Scavenger Hunt Challenge
  • ⁠Session 4 of Group Contract (Module 2)
Stay tuned!

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