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On 18 October 2023, MV International implemented the local activity – Sports Tournament as a part of the “GREW” project. The event took place in Sassari, at Higher Education Institute “N. Pelegrini” and 30 students from various backgrounds participated.

Oksana Nazymok (youth worker and young entrepreneur) facilitated the workshop. Ilaria Diana and Ionut Barb, trainers who participated in the previous training and testing of the Training Format, helped with logistics, activities, and visuals.

Activity included energisers, icebreakers, a presentation of the Erasmus + program, sports relay and different games indicated in the Training format and planned as per the Tournament plan. The participants were met, and facilitators first presented themselves and then presented MV International and its activities.

After that, facilitators asked participants to present themselves and their hobbies using a non- formal education activity: a Name Game with a ball.

The event continued with a presentation of the Erasmus+ program and non-formal education opportunities for youngsters. Facilitators informed students about youth exchanges, training, volunteering opportunities, and internships abroad.

If you like such activities, don’t hesitate to check out the other tournaments done by our international partners!

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