Hey there, sports fans and champions of change!

As we lace up our sneakers and gear up for another action-packed round in the world of sports, let’s take a moment to cheer for a game-changing initiative that’s been scoring big for inclusion—The GREW Project!

Funded by the European Union, this powerhouse team involves fantastic folks from Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria. Together, they’ve been busy setting the stage for young ethnic minorities, aged 18-35, to dive into sports, where everyone gets a chance to play, grow, and shine.

🎉 The Final Whistle Blows on a Winning Season

We recently wrapped up our final huddle in Kielce, and oh, what a gathering it was! Picture this: partners from four different international organizations, countless cups of coffee, and ideas bouncing around like a well-played volleyball. This wasn’t just any meeting; it was a celebration of our journey and the strides we’ve made in making sports a welcoming space for all.

We tackled some big topics—like putting the final touches on The Handbook (your new go-to guide for inclusion through sports), ticking off our to-do list for the final report, and giving a high-five to the fantastic collaboration across borders.

🚀 Highlights from the Home Stretch

Our last partners’ meeting wasn’t just about looking back; it was about sprinting forward to the finish line with determination and team spirit. The energy was infectious, the commitment palpable. Together, we reaffirmed our pledge to keep the ball rolling towards a more inclusive sports environment. Because here at GREW, every pass, every goal, and every cheer is a step towards unity.

🌍 Stay in the Loop

Curious about how it all went down? Eager to get more involved? Dash over to our project website at It’s your go-to spot for all things GREW, packed with updates, resources, and stories that celebrate diversity through the universal language of sports.

As the GREW Project winds down, our spirits are high, and our goals are set even higher. The field is wide open, and the game is far from over. Together, let’s keep the momentum going, making every game a home game for everyone.

Because in sports, as in life, everyone deserves a chance to play.

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